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Washington, DC, 20003
United States


Jessica Woodburn is a yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and mom in Washington, DC.  She is passionate about sharing yoga’s Mind, Body, Spirit benefits. Her dynamic teaching style, sense of humor and deep sense of caring keep students coming back to the mat.




I am so happy to have found Jessica’s classes on the Hill and love how complete her classes are. She starts class with a beautiful quote, pays attention to proper alignment, uses hands on adjustments and weaves both relaxed poses and more invigorating flow throughout the practice. She was attuned and responsive to my needs throughout class.
— - Debby
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jessica’s classes. I’ve taken other classes on the Hill before but hers are the best - she’s a fantastic teacher and very good at working with different ability levels in each class. I’ve been going to her classes twice a week since about January {2014} and feel amazing!
— Ruthcarol